Fear of Commitment

Is His Fear of a Relationship
Driving You Crazy?

Does your man really have a fear of commitment? Has your relationship gone on for some time but you are beginning to believe he may have commitment phobia? Really, there's such a thing. But before you throw your hands up in the air you have a few things to consider.

First, consider he may just have cold feet and nervous as any guy would be going into a relationship. Then again, he may have a reason that is holding him from moving forward with you in a relationship. Is there more to it? Is there a chance that you may be missing something that is right under your nose?

Before we move too fast and come up with a quick conclusion you should look closer at what might be the problem. Perhaps all you will have to do is work through his fears. You may even find that what you think is such a huge problem isn't a problem at all.

It all begins with...

                         Getting Past His Fears

Fear of commitment has been the strain between woman and man since the beginning of time. Even Adam had this problem with commitment. But between God’s will and Eve… Well, he didn’t have much of a choice:-)

And there it is. I could leave with says men get  scared as hell of giving up having a choice but that would not truly give you the full story.

If you want to understand this tug-of-war and how to work through the situation you’ll need to look at how men see commitment. 

Believe me when I say we look at it and address it totally different from any woman.

Once you understand fear of commitment and how man view commitment in his mind you’ll understand how to approach him better.

This is the beginning. And the beginning is to learn...

About Fear of Commitment

Even the right man for you may needs a little nudge when it comes to a relationship.

A man who genuinely cares will fight for a commitment once he realizes you're the one.

Some fear commitment because they fear losing total control of who they are and what a woman plans on doing with them, seriously!


Why is it so Hard for Him to Commit?

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How Do I Get Him to Commit?

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Things that Push Him Away (Why Men Pull Away)

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How Long Should I Wait for Him to Commit?

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The Truth About Commitment Phobia

Chances are you will not get deeply involved with any guy who has commitment phobia. That is because, well... Guys with commitment phobia, commonly know as 'scared as hell of commitment', do not date one woman for an extended period of time.

Commitment Phobia is psychological, sometimes causing even physical reactions to someone experiencing the uneasiness and discomfort of opening up or establishing closeness as you would in a relationship.

I'd like to use the example of someone going into a small closet who is claustrophobic. Unfortunately, if you get involved with anyone who has this condition you may not notice it until a bond begins to form.

You could be in for an uphill battle. Yet, if he cares enough to let you know what he is feeling and somehow express his fears never say never. Still, if his fear of commitment is this serious he may need counseling.

The problem is who really wants to go for counseling? Nevertheless, seeking professional help may be a good next step. Keep in mind it will need to be something he wants or forget about it.

If he does not see his fear as a problem, consider your happiness and what you want. Moving on could be the best thing for you and your happiness.

You can't make him want a relationship as you want one. If things do not work out you can always come back for more dating tips for women. Starting over might be just what the doctor ordered.

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