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Have you ever wished you could get really good relationship advice for women without letting everyone know all of your personal business? Would it make more sense to talk to a man and get a man's perspective when you're trying to understand and deal with one?

We have helped thousands stopping by for relationship advice and fun dating tips. Love and dedication has been put into this site to help you find better ways to handle your dating life.

Are you looking for discrete dating advice but would rather keep your friends and family out of your personal business? Are you simply looking to attract men?

If you are you've come to the right place.

Thousands have visited Big Brother's Relationship Advice for Women for the best tips and insight. 

And so should you!

"The best relationship advice for women, hands down!"

Fix Your Relationship

  • Learn how to find bad patterns
  • Learn from previous mistakes
  • Find what has worked for others

Does He Like Me or Is He Just Leading Me On?

The Million Dollar Question!

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  • Learn about body language
  • Learn how to get your answer without asking much at all
  • Find out if he likes you without the risk of embarrassment

If you are itching to know if he's interested we're sure to satisfy that itch! Does he like me?

Know How to Flirt?

 Flirting Tips

  1. Learn creative ways to turn heads
  2. Know if he is flirting or just being nice
  3. Discover how to flirt effortlessly

Is Your Man Cheating?

 Is He Cheating?

  1. Has he been acting secretive?
  2. Sense something wrong?       
  3. Is he no longer affectionate?

Relationship Questions?

Get your question answered at the Questions and Answers page...

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You you given him the eye but still, nothing? Looking for a way to let him know you interested but don't want to risk looking foolish? Worried he may not feel the same?

Here I'm going to give you seven ways to let him know you like him without the risk of any embarrassment.

Ten Best Ways To Turn Your Man On

   Romantic Ideas

woman drawing tent

Fantastic romantic ideas. Everything from simple ideas for a budget to extraordinary breath taking adventures!

Our ideas and suggestions for romance are constantly updated. However, feel free to give us your thoughts and ideas as well.

   Online Dating Tips And Site Reviews!

  • Find out which online dating sites work!  
  • Find what site gives you the best chance at finding a match.
  • Learn the good and the bad of the most popular dating sites.
  • Check out what others are saying.

Had a horrible time with online dating? Let the world know what dating sits work best right here!

   Single Moms Dating

  This article was written to help you answer questions like:

  • How do I find time to date with a busy lifestyle or little time?
  • How long should I wait before I bring him around my child?
  • How do I know he is someone I can trust around my family?

Single moms and dads alike can all benefit from the helpful tips here at Big Brother's Relationship Advice For Women. Single parents making room to have a dating life can be easier than you think. Find out how!

Fixing a Broken Heart

Bouncing back can be hard! The loneliness and agony can seem unbearable.

Big Brother Randy Derrell is going to walk you out of the dark grey clouds. This site is full of easy to follow steps that will help fix your broken heart.

Try our suggestions and let us know.

Dating Older Men

Everything you need to know about dating older men!

Learn why so many women are looking to date older men, the benefits, and the drawbacks. Dating tips have all the pointers you will need when considering dating guys who are a little or a lot older!

Dating Advice For Women

Get relevant, up-to-date articles about the latest trends on our relationship articles page specifically catered towards dating advice for women.

Relationship articles is packed with hot topics, challenging scenarios, and a unique prospective only a big brother could bring.

Relationship Tips From Me To You

I cover as much as I possibly can here so that you will have everything you might possibly need when it comes to dating.

Yet relationship advice for women can be tricky. Not all situations require the same solution. If you don't see your solution send us your question.

Have an idea that could help us? If so, let us know at our contact page.

Dating should be simple. Well, simple as a jigsaw puzzle:-)

Big Brother, Randy Derrell

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